domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013


My father, my pride ...

Father, I am not a poet, nor am I an artist,
Do not go out on Tv or give interview
But I want to pass on to you my message.
Father, she was taken from my heart,
Are simple scribbles, turned into song,
Just to give you my honor.

Father forgive if sometimes was inconsequential,
Are a couple of things a teenager
You think you know the things of life.
Father forgive if I never spoke I love you,
But today the whole world declaim,
You are my pride for me in life.

Dad you were always a good counselor,
In addition to a great friend,
It was my companion.
When I most needed,
Always present
Dad you are my pride,
Will be forever.

You are eternal reminder ...
In my memory,
In a book called life
Are you my story,
And if one day I get married,
And the Lord will give me children,
My father, to tell them your story.

By Francis Gomes

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